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About Us

Founded in 1997, Sport For All is South Africa's first social franchise. SFA uses the methods of commercial franchising to achieve social goals, specifically community economic development, youth employment and healthy lifestyles for children and their families.

Sport For All was not always a for-profit business opportunity. It started as a funded sports development project located in disadvantaged communities and relied solely on traditional NGO donor funding. In 2004, Sport For All partnered with True North Holdings franchise company (Postnet, Cash Converters, Multiserve) to create Development Franchising CC. Together they developed a self-sustaining business model and Sport For All Franchising (Pty) Ltd was established. The first SFA social franchise was opened in 2005 in Gauteng.

The unique "Everyone Wins" social franchise model is three-fold: 1) Companies use their BEE Codes of Good Practice Enterprise Development and Socio-Economic Development provision to earn scorecard points 2) A franchisee receives the ED contribution as seed funding necessary to set up a SFA franchise; and, 3) Kids who can't afford to participate get the opportunity to be a part of their local Sport For All programme through memberships paid with SED contributions.

Since inception, 20 sites have been developed in seven Provinces enabling SFA to build strong brand recognition with municipalities, schools and corporate South Africa. Likewise, to attract highly-skilled, passionate franchisee prospects in all economic and geographical communities nationwide.

After a buy-back of shares from True North Franchising in 2010, Sport For All is a Level 2 BEE contributor with a Head Office located in Johannesburg CBD.

Sport For All sites are operating nationally servicing thousands of members daily with additional expansion underway in all Provinces.


Constance Zee Cele - Founder and Chairman
Warren Bond - Founder and Director
Kelli Givens - CEO


Agresham Shingange - Field Service Consultant
Mbali Ndaba - Administrator
Jabulile Khumalo - General Services


NICDAM - National Institute Community Development and Management
Link to www.nicdam.co.za